Facilitation Tools Overview

The following sections can be used as an electronic toolbox for facilitating online or in the boardroom. Over 120 tools have been categorized and sequenced for turning random ideas into action.
Review the Facilitator’s Toolbox presentation below to understand how the facilitation tools are organized to get work done.


To utilize process facilitation tools and techniques for moving quickly through a meeting’s desired results topics.


This process begins with a selection of tools for opening a topic, focusing the team on making a decision, and ends with the closing of the topic with commitment to implement the decision.

The tasks in this section utilize a tool called FrameTEC. FrameTEC is filled with tools used to collect and capture content during a meeting. First launch the FrameTEC template by selecting the provided link below. After launching the FrameTEC template, name it, include your meeting date and save it to your personal computer in an easily accessible location. Then follow the activity instructions for usage.

NOTE: During this activity you will be asked to press the Alt+Tab keys on your keyboard; this will allow you to switch between learning and doing.

Training Sections

This document contains content from previous training session demonstrating how to put facilitating tools together in the Open>Focus>Close method. Trainers should review this file prior to training to understand what kind of content surfaces during the training exercise.

This document is preformatted with the selected tools that match the training exercise. Click this link and save the file to your hard drive. Explain how to use each tool and who will play the facilitator and technographer role.